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Conference organization

The conference TERRI'2017 will take place over two and a half days.

The reception will take place on the Wednesday 22nd of March in the early afternoon at the EISTI, followed by a visit.
The second day (the 23rd of March) will take place at ESSEC, and the third day (the 24th of March) at the University of Cergy-Pontoise on the Les Chênes site.


Submitted papers to this symposium will be published in a proceedings, and the best papers will be invited for publication in a scientific journal or in a special issue.

Conference program : retrieve the document (forthcoming)

Day1: 22nd of March 2017 (at l'EISTI)

  • 14h00-14h30 : Registration at the EISTI
  • 14h30-16h30 : Visits (Seynergie Lab of Mureaux) or other options.
  • 19h00-20h30 : Reception cocktail at EISTI

Day2: 23rd of March 2017 (at ESSEC)

  • 08h30-09h00 : Registration at the ESSEC
  • 09h00-11h00 : Plenary 1 : "Smart Territories": Technologies at the service of territories, towards a mutation of societies?
  • 11h00-11h10 : Coffee break
  • 11h50-13h00 : Plenary 2 : From simulations and sketches to general application: how to create new regional ecosystems?
  • 13h00-14h30 : Lunch break (ESSEC)
  • 14h30-16h30 : Plenary 3 : From systems to "Smart Territories"?
  • 16h30-16h45 : Coffee break
  • 16h45-18h40 : Parallel session
  • 19h00-20h30 : Diner (ECAM-EPMI)

Day3:  24th of March 2017 (at Cergy-Pontoise University - UCP,  Les Chênes site)

  • 08h30-09h00 : Registration at the UCP
  • 09h00-11h00 : Plenary 4 : "Smart territories": which limitations in terms of social acceptability?
  • 11h00-11h10 : Coffee break
  • 11h50-13h00 : Parallel sessions
  • 13h00-14h30 : Lunch break (UCP)
  • 14h30-16h30 : Plenary 5 : "Smart territories" : towards new forms of inequality?
  • 16h30-16h45 : Coffee break
  • 16h45-18h40 : Parallel sessions
  • 18h45-18h30 : Closing cocktail